Best Sex Positions To Get Pregnant

Best Sex Positions To Get Pregnant - Tips For Getting PregnantBest Sex Positions To Get Pregnant will have you and your partners heart racing. Are you and your partner looking forward to have a baby soon? Of course the answer is yes, if not maybe. That is not what this article is all about but the article is about helping you to know which positions or styles are the best and that will help you to get pregnant. One thing that you have to know and determine is your most fertile days which you are likely to conceive. Once you are aware of these days, then start the best sex positions to get pregnant. These positions will help you penetrate deep and conceive.


Best Sex Positions To Get Pregnant

Magic Mountain

This style position is almost similar to doggy only that the man is the one who bends over the woman. The woman is bent over at the waist and her back is against the chest of a man. A lady can use pillows to help her stabilize the upper body or decrease the number of pillows in order to increase the bend. The pose allows deep penetration allowing the man to hit the G spot stimulating the clitoris thus perfect for baby making.


Missionary style


This is another style that many people love. The woman lies on her back and the man tops her. She can place her legs on a man shoulder allowing the man to have a great penetration. Although the pelvis in not tilted or does not face downwards but this style allows sperms to travel fast to the cervix. Some people argue that pacing a pillow below the ladies hips helps in movement of sperms there is no clear explanation or evidence about this theory.

Doggy Style


This is the most common style and of course many men will agree that they love it. This style is the best than any other style because it allows a man to penetrate deep to the cervix opening it a little bit than other styles. You may want to try it and see if it will work out.

Spooning style


Another great style that will not only add pleasure to both of you but the style allows the sperms to reach the cervix. The woman pelvis is also tilted at the right position because the woman’s legs are spread over and are held on the man’s thighs. This is a common position with great benefits.

The Rock and Roller Style


The style is similar to missionary only that the woman now raises her legs above her head. It allows the man to penetrate deep allowing easy conception of the baby.


Some Suggestions


There are those who restrain themselves to have loved certain style but you may not be aware that the other style is more comfortable than the one you are used to. If you indeed want to have great time and great penetration, try different sex positions. It will be adventurous but again they are the best that will help you as a lady to get pregnant fast.

Position help in orgasm and helps the sperms to reach their destination fast because of the contraction of the woman reproductive system. Avoid positions like standing, sitting or a woman on top. They will not help you to conceive fast.

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