Fertilitea Review – Organic Fertility Tea

Fertilitea Review - Organic Fertility Tea

Fertilitea Review - Organic Fertility Tea

Fertilitea is an organic fertility tea containing potent herbal components known to have positive effects in women trying to conceive.

This fertility tea is a loose leaf tea. This ensures maximum freshness and flavor. But most importantly the nutritional support that you require to conceive.

Resealable bag to lock in the freshness.

Fertlitea is manufactured in the U.S. at a CGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) certified facility. With regulations enforced by the US FDA (Food And Drug Administration).

Fertilitea Directions

  • 2-3 cups should be drunk everyday.
  • Use 1 teaspoon of Fertilitea to each cup of water.
  • Boil the water and add Fertilitea directly to the water or use an infuser or tea ball.
  • Cover and let steep for 5 min.
  • Remove all leaves via straining.
  • Enjoy this nutritious and delicious fertility tea.
  • One bag is about a 1 month supply.

Why Fertilitea Is So Successful

This delicious fertility tea is designed to boost a woman’s, health and also improve the chances of a successful conception.

It boasts ingredients that have been scientifically proven to restore hormonal balances and boost reproductive health.

These include Vitex, red raspberry leaf, green tea, ladies mantle, nettle leaf, and peppermint leaf.

These herbal components are loaded with a variety of vitamins, bioflavonoids, essential oils, anti-inflammatory compounds, and antioxidants.

These come together to form a potent infusion that is both delicious and nutritious as well.

Does Fertility Tea Work? Most Important Does Fertilitea Work?

The question of whether or not fertility teas really work is one that has long been put to rest.

Fertility teas have been proven to improve the odds of successful conception dramatically.

For about 2000 or so years the Chinese have known of the effects of herbal teas on human reproductive health and the immune system in general.

Armed with this knowledge, the creators of Fertilitea™ set out to put together an organic fertility tea that delivers on its promise of helping the user conceive and carry a pregnancy to term.

Fertilitea Ingredients

So what exactly goes into the winning formula of Fertilitea™? Take a look below;


This crucial component of Fertilitea™ restores the optimal hormonal balance in a woman’s body while stimulating the production of hormones associated with ovulation.

Vitex is widely used as a herbal remedy for infertility, short luteal phases, irregular cycles and ovulation complications.

With such problems out of the way, there is no reason why a woman shouldn’t successfully conceive.


There is a boatload of literature on the health benefits of green tea on bookshelves and the internet.

However, there is little or not enough mention of its benefits in reproductive health and fertility.

Green tea contains powerful antioxidants that repair natural oxidative damage caused by aging and environmental toxins.

With prolonged use, fertility levels rise noticeably meaning a woman can conceive faster.


Nettle leaves pack a spectrum of essential minerals and vitamins that are crucial for proper reproductive health and fertility in particular.

It contains such ingredients as Potassium, Sulphur, Phosphorus, Vitamins A, C, and K, Iron, and Calcium which promotes proper muscle functioning.

Collectively, Nettle leaf’s components contribute to easier conception and a healthy pregnancy.

LADIES MANTLE:Fertilitea Review - Top Organic Fertility Tea

Ladies mantle is one component of Fertilitea™ tasked with regulating a woman’s menstrual cycle.

It achieves this by exerting a toning effect on the cervix. Thus, improving fertility and raising the chances of a successful conception.


Red raspberry is a herbal component that is highly regarded for its ability to exert toning effects on the uterus and pelvic muscles.

It is also highly nutritious while at the same time being a highly potent fertility improving herb.


The role played by peppermint leaf in Fertilitea™ is quite interesting. It is a sexual stimulant that serves an added role of adding flavor to the fertility tea.

A combination of the above-mentioned herbs gives you the much acclaimed Fertilitea™ organic fertility tea. For a herbal tea of its caliber, Fertilitea™ is well worth every penny you spend on it.

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Does Fertility Tea Work?

Does Fertility Tea Work?

Does Fertility Tea Work?

Does Fertility Tea Work?

Herbal teas have been used for more than 2000 years. Herbal teas are infusions that contain no actual tea leaves. The herbal components are infused with water to elucidate the dried fruits, roots, bark, flowers and leaves’ potent ingredients.

Fertility Tea What Is It?

Fertility teas are made from natural, all herbal ingredients, all of which work in varied ways. Collectively they improve a woman’s health and her ability to become pregnant.

While some fertility teas help to reduce stress, others enhance a woman’s general health, and other varieties work. Therefore they restore the body’s optimal hormonal balance.

Fertility teas offer a wide range of health benefits, which include numerous that are known help improve a woman’s fertility.

Fertility teas and herbal teas, in general, contain vital compounds such as vitamin B, folate, magnesium, and plenty of antioxidants.

Does Fertility Tea Work? Yes, Here Is Why

There are several types of fertility teas out there. Below are some different teas and why does fertility tea work.


Nettle teas are known to harbor natural anti-inflammatory properties. These properties help improve the body’s health and nutritional state.

Nettle has high concentrations of protein, calcium, and iron, which are essential components for good reproductive health.

Experts assert that increased intake of plant proteins such as Nettle can help boost the likelihood of conceiving.


Raspberry tea is rich in vitamin C, flavonoids, and antioxidants which are great for a woman’s health and fertility.

This tea have been cited as having muscle relaxing properties which contribute towards improved chances of conception and successful pregnancy.

These types of fertility teas work by relaxing uterine muscles making embryo attachment that much easier.


Ginger is a well-documented anti-inflammatory agent. Women who suffer from conditions such as endometriosis find conceiving to be quite the impossible task.

Ginger tea improves blood circulation to the reproductive organs further raising the likelihood of conception.

4. PEPPERMINT TEA:Does Fertility Tea Work?

Peppermint tea is a widely used stress reliever that packs Vitamins B12, A and C. The B vitamin folate has been shown in studies to promote reproductive health, improve conception chances and also promote healthy pregnancies.

On top of being a stress reliever, peppermint tea is an effective fertility tea.


This type of tea is the perfect choice for women seeking to conceive but are unable to due to hormonal imbalances.

This fertility tea packs lots of calcium and magnesium. Both ingredients promote good muscle health which is crucial for a healthy pregnancy.

The tea also helps in healthy weight gain which is good for increased fertility.

Infertility In America Vs China

Many women struggle with unexplained infertility meaning the cause cannot be accurately determined. It is estimated that close to 13 percent of American women seek natural remedies to infertility.

Over on the opposite end of the planet, the Chinese seem to have known the solution to infertility centuries before the western world finally learned of fertility teas.

These teas correct or alleviate reproductive system anomalies and increase the chances of conception.

So, does fertility tea work? Indeed, without a single doubt, they do.