IVF Facts; Success Rate, Safety and Cost

IVF Facts - What Is IVF?

IVF Facts; Success Rate, Safety and Cost

IVF Facts – IVF (in vitro fertilization) is practically a household word.  But not a long time ago, it was a mysterious method of infertility treatment. It brought to existence what were then referred to as “test-tube babies”.  Whether you are looking to know about its success rate, cost or safety, we’ve got you covered! You may still be wondering What is IVF?

Louise Brown, who was born in England in 1978, was the first child to be conceived outside her mother’s womb. IVF involves combining sperm and eggs outside the mother’s body in the lab. Once embryos or an embryo form, they are placed in the womb. IVF is an expensive and complex procedure; only around five percent of couples with fertility problems try it out. But the procedure has proved to be very effective.

IVF is never the first step in fertility problems treatment. This technique is reserved for specific cases in which other techniques have failed. Such as artificial insemination, surgery, and fertility drugs haven’t proved effective.


IVF Success Record

Since its commencement in the United States in around 1981, IVF has resulted in the delivery of babies exceeding a total of 200,000. More than four million babies have been delivered globally as a result of using IVF technique. IVF offers couples suffering from infertility problems a chance to bear a baby who is biologically related to them. At present, more than one percent of children born in the United States are as a result of conception via assisted reproductive technologies.


IVF Safety

Research results indicate that IVF is safe. A recent study covered almost a thousand babies born through this technique in 5 European countries discovered that kids monitored from birth to five years of age were as healthy as kids born naturally.

However, a few studies have recorded a slightly increased risk of genetic abnormalities in babies born via assisted reproductive technologies. Adverse effects during perinatal period and pregnancy are also higher in pregnancies achieved through IVF. Some or majority of these increased risk is because a greater percentage of IVF pregnancies involve multiple gestations.


What is the cost of IVF Procedure?

On average, the cost of a basic IVF cycle ranges from about $12,000-$15,000 in the United States. Although some insurance companies cover IVF, most companies do not. When looking at the cost of IVF, you’ll find that costs vary depending on the individual’s circumstance. Besides, you’ll notice that costs vary from one health care center to another. It is critical to determine exactly what is included when you’re provided with a quote for the charges of an IVF cycle.

The following are examples of some items that may not, or may, be included in the quote:
• Blood work
• Ultrasound and monitoring
• Initial tests
• Fertility medications

Ensure that you inquire about any other item that may be required but isn’t included in the quote. In some cases, additional ART treatments may be required. If so, ensure that you factor in those costs as well.

IVF Facts - What Is IVF?Here is the bottom line; if you have been trying other fertility problems treatment methods unsuccessfully, IVF may be the only way out. Given its high success rate and safety, the technique is worth trying.


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