Male Infertility Treatment

Male Infertility Treatment Options

Male Infertility Treatment OptionsMale infertility treatment is not as commonly known as it is with women. But with more men suffering from male infertility the treatments are becoming more popular. Infertility was traditionally seen as a problem that only affects women. But as it apparently turns out, most men don’t get off that easily. Around one-third of infertility cases is due to men alone. In the following article, we give you various successful ways to treat male infertility.

A diagnosis of male infertility is undoubtedly one of the hardest challenges every man can face. For most of us, it can be extremely devastating. Keeping in mind that the necessity of reproduction is one of the very few things on which both the Bible and Darwin agree, inability to father a kid can make you feel like you’re failing at one of your most fundamental responsibilities. Luckily, recent advancement in Fertility treatment for men can actually offer you incredible help.


Male Infertility Treatment Options

The ultimate goal of fertility treatment in males is to create a successful pregnancy. In most cases, the cause of infertility is entirely reversible. After this, conception can be achieved by natural sex. Below are some of the most popular male fertility tests and treatment options.

Testis Biopsy

A testicular needle biopsy is used to show whether a man is producing healthy sperms. This test is stunningly helpful in cases related to azoospermia. Azoospermia is a condition where sperms completely lack in the ejaculate. If a complete evaluation of azoospermia isn’t clearly indicating whether there’s a problem with production of sperms, then there must be a blockage somewhere. If a blockage isn’t identified, then the next step is testis examination and sperm production assessment.


Surgical Male Infertility Treatment

Surgical fertility treatment options include vasectomy reversal, ejaculatory duct resection, and varicocele repair. The best thing about surgical treatment options for male fertility is that they can alleviate infertility for a lifetime and therefore allow for conception in the convenience of your home as opposed to the lab.

Varicocele repair is a surgical procedure aimed to repair varicoceles in order to block off the abnormal veins. Varicoceles are the enlarged varicose veins found in the scrotum and are believed to be one of the most frequent causes of infertility. This procedure has been reported to bring significant improvement in male fertility especially after the recent development of a safer, less invasive, microsurgical procedure.


Sperm Mapping

Sperm mapping is a state-of-science technology that identifies the location of sperms in the testis. The modern technique is specially designed to benefit the severely infertile males. It is a non-surgical, minimally-invasive procedure done under local anesthesia right in the doctor’s office.

With sperm mapping, a doctor can determine whether a man suffering from azoospermia is a candidate for sperm retrieval procedure in order to enable him father children. Sperm mapping technique also helps to reduce invasive sperm retrievals and minimizes the potential testis damage as a result of these procedures.


Ejaculatory Duct Resection

Ejaculatory duct obstruction is the severe blockage in the sperm transport plumbing system and is the cause of male fertility problems in five percent of men. This surgical procedure aimed to correct the obstruction. This procedure has recorded an extremely high success rate in the medical field.


What Happens If The Above Methods Don’t Work For You? No Worries!

Male Infertility Treatment OptionsAs we conclude, if the above options didn’t work in the past, it usually meant lifelong infertility. But today ARTs, (assisted reproductive techniques) provide powerful new methods. Such options which you’ll learn more about in this site, include IUI, IVF, ICSI, among others.

You’ll see how these high tech but slightly expensive male fertility treatments can give your sperm an artificial boost to get straight into an egg. Just continue navigating through this site!


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