5 Types of Natural Childbirth Techniques

Natural Childbirth Techniques

Natural Childbirth Techniques

Natural Childbirth Techniques

Several different natural childbirth techniques can be successfully used when trying to deliver without using medical interventions. The following article is aimed to discuss various childbirth methods which have been in use for many years. If you are expectant, take your time to study the following techniques to determine the one that might work best for you.

The Alexander Technique

The first of the natural childbirth techniques. While learning how to deal with his vocal problems, Alexander developed the Alexander technique for sitting, standing, and moving with ease, efficiency, and safety.

Any person including an expectant woman can learn how to release muscular tension to improve breathing capacity and restore the body’s proper posture and original poise.

As your body starts to experience the shortness of breath, digestive and balance problems and the lower back pain, easy modifications in your movement can assist to alleviate these symptoms.

When the delivery time arrives, you’ll be able to focus during the birth, calm yourself, breathe better, assist open the cervix during dilation and get prepared for effective pushing as the newborn comes.


HypnoBirthing is a relaxed natural childbirth technique and training approach enabled by self-hypnosis techniques. It is also known as the Mongan method.

Trainers emphasize pregnancy and delivery together with pre-birth parenting as well as the consciousness of the pre-born child.

Hypnosis brings a patient into a state of full relaxation. In this state, the muscles can now work according to the manner they’re designed. Women who have used this method often feel lost in a daydream, calm, relaxed, and in full control.

The childbirth education approach is offered in a series of five, 2.5-hour classes or four 3 hour classes.

The Bradley Method

Implemented by DR. Robert Bradley in 1940’s, this natural childbirth technique assists women to give birth naturally with only few or no medications.

Courses emphasize exercise and excellent nutrition, relaxation techniques to manage pain, and involvement of the partner or husband as coach.

You’ll also learn how to tune into yourself and the positions that will ease labor pains and adequately prepare you for labor stages.

In addition, you’ll learn how to avoid a cesarean section. And also how to discuss your child delivering plans with your health care provider.


Lamaze is one of the most broadly known natural childbirth techniques. This technique is widely recognized and popular for its breathing methods. The method approaches childbearing as a healthy and natural process.

It doesn’t discourage or support the use of routine medical interventions or medicines during labor and delivery. Instead, it educates expectant mothers about their choices so they can make informed decisions about their labor and delivery.

Lamaze focuses on talking about how to keep your childbirth safe and simple or building your confidence.

Water delivery

Delivering in a warm tub of water can assist a woman to relax. Water Buoyancy also assists in the alleviation of pressure and discomfort.

Some experts believe that water assists the child to enter the world with less sound, light, and dramatic change.

Giving birth in water is not suitable for women having high-risk pregnancies and in all cases, preparation should be made for childbirth to take place out of the water if complications arise.


Natural Childbirth TechniquesNeedless saying; using the above natural childbirth techniques enables you to have a pain-free, natural childbirth.

The most critical thing is to find the technique that suit you best including your husband, and also your desired birth experience.





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